Custom Strategies ● Proactive Approach ● Expert Management

Superior Service ● Major Savings ● Advanced Technology


UTMC provides one service: unemployment tax management.
We are proud to say that the quality and results of our service are unmatched.
We serve both nonprofit and for-profit employers.


Whether you are handling your unemployment claims in-house or are dissatisfied with another provider, UTMC can reduce your unemployment insurance costs, improve your financial outcome, and provide a better customer experience.

Unemployment Insurance Services


Here’s what happens when you engage with UTMC:

  1. We develop a custom plan to address your unemployment challenges.
  2. We work with you to implement cost-saving strategies, partnering with your team to proactively manage unemployment claims costs ahead of separation.
  3. We leverage our expertise to protect your experience rating and avoid unnecessary costs from unwarranted claims and administrative oversights.

Each of these actions can result in significant bottom-line savings for your company.


In addition to our unemployment tax expertise and superior customer service, our clients have access to the best technology in the industry. With our UI SIDES (Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange System) integration, clients can log in to their portal at any time to manage unemployment claims, access reporting features, and view a dashboard populated with the latest state unemployment insurance agency data.

Doing unemployment claims in-house?
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Using another provider?
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