Using another unemployment tax provider?

Here’s why you should consider UTMC:

Things get overlooked and opportunities are missed; we see it all the time. If there is room for improvement, rest assured we’ll find it. That’s because we have more experience, we give more attention to our clients, and we have the best available technology. If you’ve used other unemployment tax providers, you will have a better experience with UTMC, and realize the greatest unemployment tax savings. Give us a chance, and we’ll prove it.

Benefits of outsourcing with UTMC:


  • Get the best service and the most personal attention—regardless of your company’s size
  • Better outcomes through improved compliance, higher win-ratios, and more cost savings
  • Enjoy SIDES integration for the fastest, most accurate and efficient claims information
  • Get unemployment tax management strategies that are customized to your unique challenges
  • Optimize your unemployment tax costs with a proactive approach that starts long before an unemployment claim is ever filed

Let’s talk about how we can help resolve your unemployment insurance challenges.